Wedding Fireworks!

Austin and Tanya are this great couple that asked me to shoot their wedding at the Liberty House in Jersey City. The weather was a photographer’s dream, and I know that my photographer friend Wendy got some really great shots. This was a particularly fun day that had some nice surprises in store for the couple, as you’ll see towards the end of the trailer…

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6 Responses to Wedding Fireworks!

  1. Greet work! Makes me wish I was getting married soon :-D

  2. Thanks! Let me know when you do!!

  3. Jackie Lynch says:

    I was at that wedding and it was so beautiful. Glad you captured those special moments. The fireworks just made the entire event even more special. Good job!!

  4. Thanks Jackie! Yes, it was a very special night.

  5. wendy g says:

    This is awesome! Really, your work just keeps getting better and better. Wow…. wendy g

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