Congratulations Austin & Tanya on 1st Anniversary!

Austin and Tanya are this wonderful couple whose wedding I shot at the Liberty House in Jersey City, NJ. The weather was a photographer’s dream… My photographer friend Wendy G. got some really great shots that you’ll see in the slideshow that I made below!

This was a particularly fun day full of wonderful memories and some nice surprises, as you’ll see towards the end of this trailer!

9 Responses to Congratulations Austin & Tanya on 1st Anniversary!

  1. Heather Hughes says:

    Hello Joshua. My name is Heather and I am Austin’s sister. I just watched the slide show and I am literally in tears. Your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You captured the essence of the day so amazingly. Thank you so much & God bless!!

    • I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been so touched by my work! It’s an honor to be a part of your family’s celebration and I’m grateful to know that it continues to be a blessing! Thank you for the highest compliment that one can give!

  2. Dana Keaton says:

    What a wonderful job!!!!!! Just simply marvelous!!!!!

  3. Stacy Simone says:


    I’m a friend to Tanya (and Austin) and was there on their beautiful day. The slideshow is simply breathtaking, it truly captured the emotions on that day.

    Good Job.


  4. Janiece says:

    Simply beautiful.

  5. Absolutely breathtaking….A day to remember…Continued happiness as you both.
    First came love
    Then came marriage
    Then came baby in a carriage.

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